• Modern War Poetry
20th and 21st century war poetry
• Academy of American Poets
Probably the best place to start when looking information on poetry
• Struck by Cupid's Arrow
Lots and Lots of teen-age love poetry by the web site's owner
•  Find Poetry.com
A neat little resource for finding web published poetry
• Atlantic Monthly
A first class site with all kinds of stuff . . .
archives, news, links . . . you name it-lots of well written articles too
• Poetry Magazine
By the Modern Poetry Association - 
the people who bring you the monthly magazine
• Poets and Writers Magazine
I prefer the printed version, but the online site has lots of info on contests and what's happening in the world of poetry
• Poem online
Nice site with lots of discussion areas
• Online Degree in Engineering
Get your engineering degree online at Penn State.
• Gentle Faith
A nice inspirational site by Jennifer Abraham. Theogical Commentary by Nace Howell
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