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Here are a few of my favorite photos
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For a really huge collection of photos from my various travels, click here
Pictures from Gettysburg, The Shenandoah Valley, many of my hikes in Central PA and the Appalachian Trail and more!

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Visit to view and buy my artistic photos from Penn State, Gettysburg, and scenic areas around Pennsylvania. Professional photographs, affordable prices! The Cross at Ground Zero, Old Main, Nittany Mountain, scenic photographs and more

Also check out Patricia Howell's Stand Still Photos for scenic photos, photos of wildlife, national parks and more

Patty and Me
at the Mike Lynch Vista on Mount Nittany
August 2004


Waterfall at Caledonia State Park, PA
August 2004

Century Ball at the
Columbus Chapel-Boal Mansion Musuem
October 2002

Camping on the Appalachian Trail
in Shenandoah National Park July 2001



Penn State Graduation 1999

graduation.jpg (160192 bytes)


'Old Faithful" . . . she was good to me!
sold off a while ago

jetta.jpg (27855 bytes)

Whatever happened to this guy?


The Ames Brothers


The Neighbor's Dog

Billy.jpg (257499 bytes)


Geary Hall Get's A Haircut


1988 with my Bug



Nerd Day Winner - 1986


Isshinryu Karateka 1998

karatebill3.jpg (61837 bytes)

The Yakubaskas Family
(my paternal great-grandparents and grandfather)

some time before World War One


My Parent's Wedding


My Maternal Grandparents as kids


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