Souls of September
by Sherri Stansell Bailey

Maybe it was the screams as the buildings fell

Or the thought that just a moment before, you were well.

Maybe it was your sister holding a picture of you in the street

That made me cry, made me weep.

The display of Old Glory draping on the top of our defense.

Our symbol of bravery and of strength.

Faces of ashes running away and wishing that they could fly.

But you were caught and stayed inside.

We will always remember " The Souls of September".

Souls from the nations, our very own the brothers fought to save.

Men of honor and heroes now lay beneath their ground zero graves.

We will never forget the day and place

When you left this world into the arms of grace.

You flew into the skies of death

While we looked on and held our breath.

You fought and saved our city of white.

Men of valor on the ninety-third flight.

America, you have been changed

And you will not soon forget this pain.

You will cherish your fatherís blood, shed upon your shores and homeland.

You will now be thankful for your heritage for now you understand.

May God cover us with his feathers and under his shadow, may we abide.

The strong and united, the red, white and blue, side by side.

Hold your children in loves embrace.

Live your life by Godís sweet grace.

Maybe it was your sister holding a picture of you in the street

That made me cry, made me weep.

America, there will be a time to dance again.

You will overcome evil with good and your freedom defend.

But you will always remember,

" The Souls of September"


Copyright © 2001 - Sherri Stansell Bailey

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