Free World Soldier
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Free World Soldier
by Herbert L. Burd

I believe in living on a mountain of peace
I believe in the words the wise ones teach
I believe in Mother Earth to protect me
I am also here to protect her thats how it's meant to be
I believe in the word free.

You may not know my name or my face
You may not know my religion or my race
Even though all sister's and brother's are we
Living in one world a belief in humanity
I dream of the day living without weapons,
yet living in a world of liberty

A disease has come and has darkened the sun
A cure must be found once again the war has come
I too will take my stand,
to maintain the freedom of every child, woman and man
Free world soldier our flags are hand in hand

When all is said and done
When we see the return of the sun
Once again we will return to our lands
Free world soldier our flags are forever hand in hand
For freedom will never be out of reach
Then we can rebuild Mother Earth's mountain of peace.

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Copyright © 2001 - Herbert L. Burd


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