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A Birthday to Remember

by Holley A Kinnear (Murray)

The infamous date was in 2001, the 11th of September
It was my 43rd birthday and I vividly remember
Planes struck the twin towers and they burned to the ground
The explosion was haunting with deafening sounds

A surprise to all who watched in disbelief
Events of the day brought America to its knees
How could this happen in America, many would ask?
Pointing fingers of responsibility to the "doers of the task"

I awakened that morning and looked at the TV
My birthday was no longer just about me
A time for transition for me, and the world at large
It was a horrific reminder that we are not in charge

An opportunity to take a deep look inside
What do we believe about truth, freedom and pride
If we truly believe in honor and peace
Our outdated ideas must let go and release

The twin towers represent our outer show of strength
But how is our inner foundation and what do we really think?
Are we living in truth way deep down inside
Or do we put our belief in structures that reach to the sky

The wake up call that happened and shook up New York
Gives new meaning to lady liberty who carries the torch
To truly understand our own inner power
We must align and balance our own inner "twin towers"

As you think about the terror of that day
Remember God was there in every single way
Revealing our vulnerability and need for balance
Sustaining our inner faith became our daily challenge

Use the power of now to stay in your heart
Align with your spirit and trust every part
Look for peace deep within yourself
For it is in this present moment that God dwells

Written by Holley A Kinnear (Murray)
Sept 11, 2003
originally written by Holley A Kinnear (Murray)


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Copyright 2001 Holley A Kinnear (Murray)

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