9/11 in Memoriam
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9/11 - In Memoriam
by Marc Mullo

Two years plus since that fateful day,
We all remember in our own different way,
Also 9/11/73-the 30th anniversary of CHILE,
Another outrage provoked this on society,
Will terrorism EVER be gone and beaten?,
I don't know-it's NOT worth repeatin',
The Towers may have fallen to the ground,
Those spirits have risen-lost and profound,
September eleventh will NEVER be the same,
Lest we forget through war and no shame,
Bush says we are winning this war,
As the casualties rise and they return ashore,
You cannot win a war without losing a life,
Can't we all get along without any strife,
Oh mighty God if you are up there,
Why do you allow such misery and despair?,
I'll say it again for all it's worth,
Let there be strength love and peace on earth


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Copyright 2004 - Marc Mullo


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