Tuesday Morning
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Tuesday Morning
by Lauren

September 11th, fall 2001,
Apart of our history had just begun.
No citizen of the U.S. knew,
About how innocent people's lives would soon be through

Two planes hit the WTC,
This event greatly shocked me.
"Was it an accident?" No one could tell,
But if it wasn't, the culprits were going to hell.

Not long after that, the Pentagon was hit,
This is a crash no one will forget.
The U.S. knew now that this wasn't fake,
These three plane crashes were not a mistake.

Soon later, Pennsylvania heard a sound,
A hijacked plane crashed straight into the ground.
All these tragedies are too much to bear,
It is the truth that life isn't fair.

The government has already found out,
Who did this, without a doubt.
So Osama, you better hang tight,
Because the US military is coming to FIGHT!!!

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Copyright 2002 - Lauren


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