Depth of America
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The Depth of America
by F. William Broome

Hearing patriotic words,

seeing our flag become ours, again,

returning to kindness as normal,

signs of a changing America.

True healing grips the nation,

cutting ties with greed and indulgence,

scourge of the twentieth century,

a return to word-as-bond values.

Putrid politics drowning

in a cauldron of immorality,

exchanged for new leadership,

responsible, capable, determined.

A surge of confidence,

imbued with the red, the white, the blue,

of a country's courage and purpose,

to defend freedom and its keepers.

Our covenant: defeat disparate enemies

bent on taking from us

that which cannot be conveyed,

only earned, honored, and safeguarded.

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Copyright 2001 - F. William Broome


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