A Giant Has Been Awakened
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Editor's note:

Mr. Pielmeier passed away December 5th, 2002.
We are honored to publish his works.

A Giant Has Been Awakened
by Joe Pielmeier Sr.

When I was just a teen age lad,
Our country was attacked.
Japan ambushed our Navy,
'Cause we had turned our back.

You thought that by past actions,
That we had lost our will to fight.
You've mistaken all our kindness
And now you'll feel our might.

For now, another blow's been struck,
By someone yet unknown.
They thought that they could bring us down,
But now they're all alone.

No country dare protect them,
There's no place where they can hide.
The world must decide today,
If they are on our side.

For a giant has been wakened,
And together we will stand.
We will find and turn them out,
In any foreign land.

You never, ever, pick a fight,
That you have no chance to win.
What kind of Heaven do you seek,
If you get there through a sin?

The world as we know it,
Will no longer be the same.
But you will now be sent to hell,
You've got yourself to blame.

But, for one thing I am thankful,
In the many flags, I see.
We have united once again,
I'm as proud as I can be.

The terrorists has made his move,
Our country still stands free.
Old Glory waves from many homes,
From sea to shining sea.

You may have won this battle,
But the war has just begun.
We won't rest until you're found,
We got you on the run.

You made your move, you struck your blow,
And yet we still stand tall,
Free people never start a fight,
But they answer every call.

These cowards now will never sleep,
GOD may forgive their soul.
We will place them in the grave,
For they have dug the hole.

My only wish, I know it's wrong,
But before the killers die,
I hope the victim's voices rise,
And they hear the mournful cries.

9/ 11/ 01


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Copyright 2002 - Joe Pielmeier Sr.


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