Today a Soldier Came Home
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Today a Soldier Came Home
by Sherri Stansell Bailey

You kissed her and walked away into the night
and she remembers the day when she wore white.
In a foreign land you fight the enemy
Yet freedom has a price, it is never free.
You have fallen and you do not awake
You give your life for freedoms sake.

Your mother remembers your first cry.
Your Father bows his head and says goodbye
Comfort his widow; give his children shelter and bread
For daddy won’t be there to tuck them into bed.
Tell his babies that he truly was a great man.
Remind them that, he lives in them.

She holds her children and tries to be bold
And thinks of him on streets of gold.
Today you came home to the land in which you grew.
Covered in Stars and Stripes of red, white and blue.
You will rest in honor on American soil
And we will cry because you are no more.

Fire the guns, call his name, and give him the respect that is due.
America, today a soldier came home to you.

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Copyright © 2002 - Sherri Stansell Bailey

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