Homage to America
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Homage to America
Gaynor Morgan

They tore down the towers,
That stood for our power,
Americaís power, Americaís strength,
They went to great measures to reach their length.

They tore apart families with all their might,
And for what? What was their fight?
People became victims over night,
Surely in Godís eye thatís not right.

The innocent suffered a terrible wrong,
Without given grace of what went on.
Children with no father to support them by,
And children with no mother to answer why.

So many tears of sorrowíve been shed,
Over thousands of innocent lying dead,
Our praise now lies with those who retrieve,
What little remains that our eyes canít believe.

From across the Atlantic,
Everyone was frantic.
How could such a dirty deed be done,
For everyone is someoneís daughter or son.

Nation by nation we the majority stand,
Itís only the minority that are underhand.
A tragedy like this has made us stronger,
And increased the chain of love even longer.

Donít let them win from their dirty deed,
For hatred is spread from their planted seed,
In far away lands they rule by divide,
But not in the West, we have so much pride.

We should step back and take a look,
Of what is written in the Ďgreat bookí.
Be it the Bible or even Koran,
Love thy neighbour and do no harm.

This world is our home and the sky our roof,
The earth underneath is there for the proof.
We all have a right to live in peace.
And to stop this hatred from any increase.

A homage is paid to those who strife,
In finding a hope or glimmer of life,
They are the heroís from nine eleven.
God rest the victims who watch from heaven.

I hope it was painless from their lives denied,
My heartís been ripped out deep down inside.
What went wrong September eleven,
To order so many through the gates of heaven.

The act of terror was that of a coward,
Who swooped in and had everything devoured.
No-one has the right to take life away,
Thatís left to the God on Judgment day.

Justice will prevail be it now or later,
By the hand of something even greater.
The loss of life holds no cost,
For the friends and loved ones who are lost.

We owe it to those who suffered their fate,
At the hands of the murderers merciless hate.
No-one has the right to destroy a life,
Not from daughter, son, man or wife.

If you have five minutes to spare,
Take the time and say a prayer.
You donít have to be Muslim or Christian to care,
We all have to live in this world we share.

Gaynor Morgan


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Copyright © 2002 - Gaynor Morgan


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