Distant Witness
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Distant Witness

I don't live close; I did not hear the thunder or the crash.
I didn't hear the cries for help or see the metal thrash.

I didn't witness buildings fall. This was on TV.
I didn't run from plumes of smoke. I know that wasn't me.

I didn't arrive with photo in hand looking for my wife.
I didn't tell my only son his dad has lost his life.

I didn't send my oldest child into a burning tower.
To try and save whomever he could and die within an hour

I cannot say that I was hurt while saving someone's life.
I cannot say I've ever lost a daughter, son or wife.

I do not daily pass this site where bodies still decay.
While people who must get to work must pass it everyday.

I am not brave; I do not grieve for loss beyond compare.
I know I am not a party to the death and the despair.

In some small way I'd like to say I hold you in my heart. Although this won't amount too much I hope it is a start.

There was a part inside of me that died upon that day.
I cannot look at life the same or trust in the same way.

I look to God to give me strength, my trust is in his grace. And deep inside within my soul, I find a peaceful place.

Copyright 2002 - Kelly Ann Malone


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