Loving Seafood

I like to eat fish from time to time.
So I go to Long John Silver’s
And order my favorite combo.

It tastes great
For the first few minutes,
It tastes really good.
But then I don’t like it so much
And wonder why I ordered it.
Because it’s always too much to eat,
But not enough to take home.

I eat it all anyway.
Not wanting to waste it,
But not really needing it, either.
After all, I spent good money on it.

Later comes the heartburn.
Then acid indigestion.
And a lousy pain in the gut
From too much stale grease.


A month or so later,
I get a craving for fish
I remember the last time hurt,
But I don’t remember the heartburn
Or the pain in the gut.
I remember that it tasted good.
Really good.
So I go there again,
And order my favorite combo.

Then I remember why,
And make a solemn vow,
But a month or so later,
I get a craving for fish.
Having forgotten about the heartburn.

Love is like that.