The cool breeze lifted her hair
A perfect moment of windswept grace
And I could see so very far,
Across the valleys and over years.
Seeing the past for the first time
And remembering her future,
And wanting to remember.

Reaching out beyond the mists,
Her camera,
The softness of its shutter,
The closeness of its lens,
Remembering each line, each color.
Subtle shades and fragile scenes,
A scent of mint and pastel hues.
All colored in wisps of misty recollections
Remembering to our future.
And we will remember.

Of the breezes yet to come,
We will touch them together
Over sand and valleys, streams and mountains
Our memories ever living,
Filling us with light and warmth,
Capturing not the shape or color,
But every sense of every day
Remembering for the future.
And knowing
That we will remember.