Herb Burd

The Gauntlet

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We're born into this world with the gauntlet to travel down
Never knowing the nature of it's design
Twilight zone remedies so profound
You have yours and I have mine
Sometimes the rain doesn't matter at all
We never know, like a boxer, when to take a fall.

We just keep on traveling taking the hits
Don't bother counting the scars that your trying to forget
We are just a high wire act without a net
I'll walk, I won't run, down this gauntlet given me
If I should fall, woman, would you save a kiss for me?
What we leave behind is just life's legacy.

But you won't know if I've come or gone
Down this gauntlet, I'll keep pushing on
We travel with no warning signs ahead
Or do we just disregard them?
We just travel on wondering when this gauntlet will end
Maybe it does not end at all
Where did it all begin?

Wind carry me on Carry me on.

The following Poems are reprinted from The Sleeping Giant collection


Free World Soldier

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I believe in living on a mountain of peace
I believe in the words the wise ones teach
I believe in Mother Earth to protect me
I am also here to protect her thats how it's meant to be
I believe in the word free.

You may not know my name or my face
You may not know my religion or my race
Even though all sister's and brother's are we
Living in one world a belief in humanity
I dream of the day living without weapons,
yet living in a world of liberty

A disease has come and has darkened the sun
A cure must be found once again the war has come
I too will take my stand,
to maintain the freedom of every child, woman and man
Free world soldier our flags are hand in hand

When all is said and done
When we see the return of the sun
Once again we will return to our lands
Free world soldier our flags are forever hand in hand
For freedom will never be out of reach
Then we can rebuild Mother Earth's mountain of peace.


Gone is the Day

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The river's are crying into the sea's
Silence has over come countries and cities
Shooting stars are flying through the skies
Look at the Statue of Liberty how she cries
But the flag of freedom still proudly flies.

Candles are burning all over the world tonight
A dark shadow has fallen over the twilight
There's a stillness which is heavy in it's weigh
Playground's where children used to play
Is calm now, for gone is the day.

Madness has come and shown it's face of tragedy
Touched by cowards hero's they are not to be
Gave us such a dark day in human history
People working hand in hand with no words to say
Free world stands in dismay, for gone is the day.

Gone is the day but not forever
Price for freedom a high one to endeavor
Candles are burning all over the world tonight
A dark shadow has fallen over the twilight
But our lady liberty's torch will always be burning bright.