Poems by Noah Eaton

In Memory of Cameron Strickland

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Independence Day roars a tune where trumpets and fireworks collide
But this summer, my jubilee has faded away
Help me stay alive, I've broken into pieces
Put my pride back together before it decays
It was a bad quarter of an hour, the night had came quickly
I'm just waiting for the light to shine through the night
Telling me that Cameron is all right, he's happier
But since it's out of sight, I say to myself when I wake up in the light

Good morning, Cameron
How have things been going lately?
I'm waiting for the day but...
Can you see me?

Since you've been gone, the carousel has abstained
And I try to fix the motor, but it just won't spin back
And Rene Magritte still has a green forest behind a glistening blue lake
But the sky hanging above has turned black
Every single time I spin on the ol' tire swing
There's a silhouette of you hanging on the monkey bars
If I had some paint, I would color you in
But now you have faded away, and you're so far.

And I'm just waiting for the light to shine through
Telling me that Cameron is all right, too!
But this canopy still covers the sky and there's only one thing I can do
And so I say to him when I wake up, after the sunrise is through.

Good morning, Cameron
Does the sun shine bright up there?
I know I can't see you, but...
Good luck, and take care

Good morning, Cameron
I wish you very well
Will we ever see each other again?
Only time can tell!


An April Without Rain

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It was like a bolt from the blue, amalgamated with agony and flame
Some of the last generations leaves remain unadorned on the ground, the next
generation isn't coming around
You can kill two birds with one stone, but two can't play at this game
You sit there thinking of all the things you've ever said, of all the things
you've ever done, which seemed so profound
The weeping willow stands still in a canopy covered with arid soil and
Just waiting for the rain to fall and wash away the pain from it's roots
Laughter is the best medicine, but there is no cure for this common cold
It's probably time you left this place and found yourself a place in the
rain, and soon

Nimbostratus clouds blanket the atmosphere in the spring, encircling in the
But the sun usurpates them up in the daylight, they surrender as cirrus clouds
If there was a rainbow that I could walk on, I would climb up onto there
And touch those stars, smell that air, walk across this barren fjord like I
If you wrap yourself up in roses, I will wrap myself up in pricklepoppies
If you are the wind that nestles the sunflowers, I am the scarecrow that gets
them to sleep
And if you say you're the prince of the forests,
Then I am the king of the seven seas!