Poems by Nightmare

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Chapter One

The Visit

There lived a monster in a cave,
Drenched in pure black night.
This was the place that was free of love,
Void of sun and light.

This cave was the castle
And the monster was the king,
Everyday he'd kill a youth
For the Gods, as an offering.

And then one night a Lady
Knocked on the monster's door,
She emitted Light
From deep within her core.

The Beast did not understand,
He thought "Is this a joke?"
He let the lady in,
Sat down, and then he spoke:

"Purest of the truest white,
What bringz you here my Beauty?
Can't you see I'm bound in Sin,
A slave to evil duty?

I live my life in sadness,
Pain iz what I eat,
And it seems that grief and hatred
For me are drink and meat.

So for your good my Lady,
I beg you leave me be,
And stay away from here
And the nightmare that iz me."

She said:
"My Lord, Please hear my whisper
And try and listen to me.
I see the chains that bind you,
I've come to set you free.

To lead you from the darkness,
Away from the hopeless Night.
I've come to be your love,
Your soothing, sweet Moonlight."

He said:
"Dear Lady, you have to listen,
My crimez are far too great,
For even I to lift
And bear their heavy weight.

I tell you it'z not worth it,
People will shout and spit
When they'll see that you help me,
For they think me a piece of sh*t."

She said:
"Ooh no, my Dear you can't
Really be that wrong,
You radiate Pain,
And it sings just like a song."

"Come with me," said the Light
To the Darkest of the Black,
"Leave this Place behind you
And never dare look back."

"It doesn't matter." said The Moon
To the cloudy, starless Night,
"Run away from Hell
And dwell within My Light."

"It doesn't matter." said True Hope
To pure Grief and Pain,
"I don't care about what you've done
Or all the men you've slain."

"It doesn't matter." said Joy of Life
To the thing that's worse than Death,
"Leave your throne that's carved in sin
For the comfort of My Breath."

"It doesn't matter." said Peace and Love
To aching, hurting Hate,
Come with me, run away,
You don't deserve This Fate."

He said:
"I fear, I dread, but we shall see.
What is to be will surely be."

So the Angel took the Demon
By his bleeding, oozing hand,
And led him from the Saddest Place
Into the Promised Land.

So the dreadful nightmare ended
But he knew it could not last,
For who can beat Destiny?
Who can fight The Past?

Chapter Two

A Monster…

She leads me through the street
And people start to stare,
My love, she turns towards me
And says "I do not care."

A kid, he points and shouts
"Mommy, mommy look."
They all think they can read me
Just like an open book.

A freakish Beast on the outside,
But inside a different me
Defeated and harmless,
Well that they can not see.

So the people pass their judgment
Content in all their liez,
I learn to loathe, despise them
Oh the fury in my eyez.

Their lying'z dug deep inside me
And planted within a seed
Which sprouted hate that iz growing
Growing just like a weed.

She leadz me to her friendz
But they never let her in,
There'z just no forgiveness
For her filthy sin.

So the crowd starts to sorround us
They shout, they scream and spit
"A monster has no feelings!"
For them I'm a piece of shit.

So her friendz gang up and lynch me
"A monster feels no pain!"
Their nagging whisperz fill my mind,
Itz driving me insane.

Then they point at her and say
"A monster can not love."
They're lying to my Moonlight,
My sweet heavenly Dove.

They go on with this bullshit
"A monster has no heart."
I wish that what they said waz true
Cause itz tearing me apart.

Never am I mercy shown,
They all think I should die,
Burnt upon a wooden stake
And left to hang there high.

They call me a f*cking, filthy Beast
"A monster can't be tamed."
For all the problems of their livez
They think I should be blamed.

I know that I could kill them all
And make this a bloody feast,
But I know my Love needz me
So I keep the Monster leashed.

Then it startz to rain
They think they've had their share,
They run to find some shelter
And leave me bleeding there.

My Love, she helps me up
To get back on my feet,
She wipes away the blood
The disgrace of my defeat.

My sweet Moon iz crying
Tearz that fall in rain,
But all my lovers tearz
Can't wash away the pain.

Their wicked laughter haunts me,
Torments me all day!
But now that they have hurt me
Someone has to pay.

Chapter Three

Sweet Vengeance

Vengeance, Vengeance, Hurt them back!
Make the F*ckerz taste my black!
Break their bodiez, watch them cry!
Cut their throats and make them die!
Crush the bastards, watch them twitch!
Heap their bodiez in a ditch!
Pop their joints and pluck their eyez!
Make them pay for all their Liez!
Punish the Guilty, break their neckz!
Keep a tally in bloody checkz!
Make them trip, watch them fall!
Kill the weaklingz, kill them all!
Payment, Payment, Make them scream!
Break their skullz upon a metal beam!
Cut them up, peel off their skin!
Make them taste what iz True Sin!
Give them pain, where I dwell!
Drag them sobbing down to Hell!!!

Chapter Four

The News

Next day she’s already heard the news
That I had let the Beast run loose.
My handz are stained, they’re bloody red,
I can not bear just what she said:

�You Filthy Beast, they all were right.
I should have left you in Hopeless Night.
I should have left you to rot away,
The day I met you, I cruse that day.�

Moon, It’s riding across the sky
So far away, I want to cry.
Her healing Light, I can not touch
Oh this Pain, its just too much.

Mistakes, I’ve had the cruelest kind,
The Past I could not leave behind.
Judgment, now I have to pay
My sinz will never wash away.

Love, its crushed, broken and lost
I could not see, the price the cost.
Without Love, without Sweet Light
My Life iz nothing but a worthless Fight.

What can I do with all this Hate
That’z thrown at me by handz of Fate?
What can I do with all this Pain
That fallz on me like pouring rain?

�Mercy! Forgiveness!� I call to You.
�Can’t you see my love was true.
Still I caused you so much ache,
I beg forgiveness for true love’s sake.�

My Moon, My Love, so far away,
You made each Night seem bright as Day.
Mistakes, I let you come too close,
Let you taste my grief and woes.

Never, Should I have left My Night
To come and dwell in your Holy Light.
The Beast, you’ve heard the Monster roar,
For Life has treated me like a whore.

Now I don’t even have you,
To help me live and make it throught.
All Hope is lost to ease my Pain,
You left me out in pouring rain.

Love and Joy, now all are gone,
My sacred Life iz over and done.
Now there’z nothing to hold me back
From making otherz taste my black.

I trusted You like none before
And now I’ll start a brand new War.
Back to Judgment, Its Unjust!
My weary Heart chokes in the Dust,

I feel it chip, I hear it crack,
And what’s beneath? An utter black.
Anger, Anger, burning Rage!
No Love to keep me in a cage.

God. My Savior. My Lord. My King.
It Battle, for him, my Blade will sing.
There iz no Peace, no Joy of Life.
All I see iz Pain and Strife.

I gain my Sword, now all will pay.
I practice with it Night and Day.
I bind it to my very Soul.
At last, at last, at last I’m whole.

Freedom, Will and Power to Kill!
I rebuild my castle upon the hill.
I lay skin-carpets in the hall,
And hang their headz upon the wall.

King again, I feast on Pride,
The Darkest Castle, there I hide.
The fact iz I want no one to see
That life without her is killing Me.

Chapter Five

My Love

Oh My Love, So Pale and Bright
You Left Me Out Alone in The Night.

Oh My Love, With Eyez so Deep
Now I Make The Whole World Weep.

Chapter Six

The Alphabet

A is for Agony.
(And Anger deep within.)
B is for Betrayal.
(Something worse than Sin.)

C is for Chaos.
(A Beginning. A Start.)
D is for Dead
(No longer beating Heart.)

E is for Emptiness.
(Nothing in my Soul.)
F is for Fear.
(To spread it is my Goal.)

G is for God.
(I worship high Above.)
H is for Honor.
(Better than Peace and Love.)

I is for Impossible
(To survive my Wrath.)
J is for Judgment.
(For those who get in my Path.)

K is for Killing.
(As I make the Weaklings Die.)
L is for Love.
(Life’s cruelest Lie!)

M is for Moonlight
(Now lost and gone away.)
N is for Nighttime
(And shunning the Light of Day.)

O is for Order.
(Never to arrive.)
P is for Punishment.
(That no one can survive.)

Q is for Quiet.
(The Silence of the Night.)
R is for Rage.
(That’s blurring up my Sight.)

S is for Slaughter.
(The War has begun.)
T is for Terror.
(That will rule before I’m done.)

U is for ugly.
(The Nightmare that iz Me.)
V is for Vengeance.
(That all will come to see.)

W is for Weakness.
(That I can not Stand!)
X is for two swords crossed.
(To cleanse out this Land.)

Y is for Yesterday.
(That I can not forget.)
Z is for "Zeus!"
("I’m not done Yet!")

Chapter Seven

My Candle is dead and burnt;
It does not give a Light;
My foes will die, I have no friendz,
I dwell in utter Night.

Chapter Eight

The Yearz Pass By

The yearz pass by, the rumors left
Behind me slowly die.
Alone at peace, my power grows
Beneath a starlit sky.

The yearz pass by, I have no friendz,
I know that none I need.
My woundz slowly start to heal
No longer do I bleed.

The yearz pass by, I trust no girl
And no girl trusts in Me.
The things around are dark and good,
Dark as they should be.

The yearz pass by, I'm strong once more
But the scarz won't go away.
My cheeks, my handz, my heart and soul
Are marked even this day.

The yearz pass by, new rumors grow
But this time I'm prepared.
I crush down all who face me
And leave them weak and scared.

The yearz pass by, the young men learn
To fear my cruel attacks.
I know they've learned their lessons
Cause they start to watch their backs.

The yearz pass by and the slightest thing
Can make my temper snap.
I can not stand the people
And all their stupid crap.

The yearz pass by, and slowly
The Place grows behind my eyez.
The Place to go for Shelter
From all their wicked liez.

The yearz pass by, I shun the Day
And truly live at Night.
I live my life for Honor now
And try to do what's right.

The yearz pass by, and now I think
That I have gained control.
I hold a heavy chain in hand
That leadz down to my Soul.

They yearz pass by, I need no Love
Never have, never will.
Though everything remindz me of
Her face, I see it still.

Chapter Nine

The Place

Welcome to The City.
Starless is the Sky.
People shiver in The Cold
And watch their Lives pass by.
And there an old man's crying
Wishing he would die.

Welcome to The Dying Place.
Mountains made of Rust,
Trees composed of Broken Glass
And Rivers choked with Dust.
People covered head-to-toe
In bloody, scabby crust.

Welcome to The Lonely Place.
Here Hearts are made of Stone.
Here People never fall in Love,
They like to be Alone,
And Vengeance is the Way of Life,
Hate has reared its Throne.

Welcome to The Shattered Place.
The Sky has rotted Black.
A Crooked Figure stumbles by,
He drags a bloody Sack.
People gather up their Old
And feed Them to The Pack.

Welcome to The Filthy Place.
Houses made of Shit.
People choking on their vomit
Mixed with bloody spit.
You ever think of Living Hell
Then this Thing would be It.

Welcome to The Twisted Place.
All Hands are streaked in Red.
The Harvester comes out at Night
To scrape The Ground for Dead.
These People live their Torn-up Lives
Where Angels never tread.

Welcome to The Angry Place.
Here Parents always Fight.
Fathers like to Beat their Kids
For staying out at Night,
And every Eye of every Man
Holds Hatred, Rage and Spite.

Welcome to The Nightmare Place.
A Girl with Skin so Pale.
Stands Alone, in Eyeless Storm,
Upon a Rotting Whale.
She Laughs and Cries and Screams all Night
As Babies fall like Hail.

Welcome to The Thoughtless Place.
All People see is Pain.
They like to Work all Day for Nothing
And then walk Home in Rain.
Progress Here is never made,
Everything's in Vain.

Welcome to The Cruelest Place.
Children leap from bed
To run outside and play a game
Of "Beat The Baby Dead."
They like the way It's muscles jerk
Once They've crushed It's Head

Welcome to The Unfair Place.
Here Weak and Poor will die.
Everyday The Rich grow strong
While Orphaned Children cry.
People crush The Homeless down
And Spit them in the Eye.

Welcome to The Rotting Place.
The Buildings fall in Heaps.
And every minute of everyday
The Horrors grow by Leaps.
Alone, beside Her Still Born Child
A thirteen-year-old Weeps.

Welcome to The Lying Place.
The Dealers look for Gain.
They promise Joy and Happiness
And swear to ease your Pain.
And when The Needle won't go in
They ask for one more Vein.

Welcome to The Hateful Place.
The Beast, it prowls the Night.
Flashing Fury and Blood-Red Rage.
Pain. It's One Delight.
It knows of only Cruelty,
To it our Wrongs seem Right.

Welcome to The No Man's Place.
Here Everything is Wrong.
The Last Man Standing wins The Fight,
You Live if you are Strong.
The bloody stains upon The Walls
And Pain sing like a Song.

Welcome to The Killing Place.
Murder rules The Street.
Take a Breath and you will smell
The Freshly Slaughtered Meat.
God knows why The People Mourn
When Death Here is a Treat.

Welcome to The Brutal Place.
The Children run from School.
They stab each other's back till Death
And think that it is Cool.
Their Corpses rott outside in Rain
Within a Bloody Pool.

Welcome to The Godless Place.
The King has gone Away.
And Never more shall People see
The Shining Light of Day.
And Nowhere can a Church be found.
The People do not Pray.

Welcome to The Hopeless Place.
Here Love will Never Come.
People Like the Stinking Smell.
They know they live in Slum.
They like to roll around all Day
Like Pigs in Living Scum.

Welcome to the Nowhere Place.
Here Hate will Never Die.
People Fight their Wars for Nothing
And watch the Years pass by,
Till all they have is Emptiness
Beneath their Starless Sky ...


We are all clay at first,
Until the hands of fate mold us into
Our worst Nightmares.

We are all clay at first,
Until the chisel of pain cuts out
All traces of sanity from our minds.

We are all clay at first,
Until the sculptor
Leaves us to dry under the burning sun.


The Fighter knelt with Sword in hand,
The Blade as black as Night.
His Armor torn and stained in red,
Battered from the Fight.

His face as cold as any stone,
Yet scars upon his cheek.
Fading Fire in his Eyes
Would still scare all the Weak.

He raised his Sword up to the sky
And spun in three times round,
Then kissed The Mighty Blade goodbye
And stuck it in the ground.

He Spoke:

"The strongest Rocks can break My Lord
When faced with sleet and rain.
Life has chipped away at me
And left my Soul in Pain.

My bones have Weakened, no longer Strong,
The way they were before.
Yet I can say that all this time
My Life's been constant War.

I've fought with Fire in my Eyes,
With Lightning in my Sword.
I've made the Battlefield my Home
I know you've seen my Lord.

I've ridden in, yet knowing not
The Strength or Count of Foe.
But all these Years of Pain and Grief
Have caused my Heart to slow.

The walls I'd built around me
Have fallen down by now.
I've watched my foes come way too close
And don't know why or how.

My Fighting Bow is loose.
The Mighty String's gone slack.
I've watched The Rust cover my Shield
And heard my Armor Crack.

My Battle-Horse is tired,
The Years have taken toll,
And just like it I try to run
And slow down to a troll.

I've lost The Touch, I've lost The Skill,
My Blade just will not Sing.
It will not even Whisper Soft,
It's lost The Venom Sting.

And when I look down at my hands
I see them tremble, shake.
I infuriate myself so much
I don't know what to break.

I can not stand what I've become.
Weak and Dull and Old.
There were Days I could have slept
With Wolves out in the Cold.

I Hate my present state of Mind,
I've lost my Source of Me.
Oh Lord above just cut me loose
From all this Misery.

Take my Rotten Life away!
Lead me to The Sky!
Lead my chariot to Valhalla!
Oh, God please make me die!

Kill me God! Please kill me now!
I don’t deserve to live.
I’ve disgraced all that I stood for,
I’ve got nothing more to give."

So the Old Man closed his eyes,
And Cried in Pain and Rage,
And the strongest Rock that ever stood
Was broken by its Age.


I think you're Close, yet you're so Far.
More Beautiful than any Star.
You Shine and Twirl in Radiant Light,
While I am Shackled and Bound by Night.

And Love brings Anger, Pain and Rage,
For I am trapped within this Cage.
Let to see but never touch
Your Healing Light I crave so much.

I'll run beneath the Moonlight Sky,
And chase You till the Day I Die,
Chase you knowing that my Fate
Will never set Me Free from Hate.

No Human Pain is Worse than This,
To Dwell within a Dark Abyss,
Where Light will rarely ever Shine
And make Me feel like you are Mine.

Sometimes I wish that I were Blind,
I wish that I could leave Behind,
The Pain of knowing that you are there
Just like a Fruit, just like a Pear

Placed upon a Silver Plate,
And when I reach, snatched off by Fate
To leave me Hungry, Outside, Alone,
I wish my Heart were made of Stone

For then I'd Stand and Face The Cold
And let My Hatred Shape and Mold
My Empty Soul, My Empty Life
To get accustomed to all The Strife.

For then I wouldn't have to Fight
My Futile War to reach The Light,
For then I'd simply say Goodbye
And Live in Darkness till I Die.

Yet this is not, I have to say
That even if you're Far Away
The thought of ever seeing You
Is just enough to Help Me Through.

I get up, I stumble on
To face the Lonely Light of Dawn,
To Drag My Hatred, Drag My Pain,
And Walk Alone in Freezing Rain.

Another Night, Another Day.
You'll Always be This Far Away.
Yet I will wait for Night to Fall
To Rise Again to Moonlight's Call

The Pact

So this badass wanter power
Far greater than which he had,
He didn't care the price he'd pay
You see, his ass was bad.
He wanted strength and might,
To right all wrongz by him.
Cause in hiz dayz of youth, you see
Hiz vision was quiet dim.

So he prayed to Godz of power,
Ares and Kali came in his dreamz,
With warnings about his future
And that power'z not what it seemz.

"There's need for you in this world,
There's thing that have to be done.
We'll give you everything you need
We know that you're the one

You'll have your strength, you'll have your might,
You'll see things as they are.
With power growing year by year,
You'll shine . . . the Darkest Star.

And through these years your Balckest Light
Will reach out like a beacon,
To call the Riders home for war,
And make the Jackals weaken."

"But don't accept too quickly.
Hear this warning my Son.
For souls like you are very rare,
In fact you're the only One.

And as years pass by, you will start
To loathe and curse this deal,
Cause from this day on till you die
Hate is all you'll feel."

But this badass did not listen.
He said "OK I'll pay."
He wanted might to mold the world
So he signed The Pact that day.

"It's good, my Son," said Ares
"That it seems your heart is stone."
Cause with passing time and coming years
You will be all alone."

"But there still is Hope that you'll break free
From chains of pain and misery.
If The Moon will visit you,
And if The Love that grows is true,
If you'll hold on to her Light,
Then you'll be spared from Hopeless Night."

"But if you'll lose to You before,
From then on your life shall be a War.
Your Heart will choke, all Hope will die,
You'll rule your land and starless sky.
You'll have one reason to stay around
To crush your foes into the ground.
If you will let The Moon slip by,
You'll always ponder, question 'Why?!?'
You'll live for Grief and constant Hate
Now you know, that is your Fate."


Brothers Forever

Brothers we're born, and Brothers we die,
And whenever you need me, just let out a cry.
Cause nothing can top all the Glory we've had,
You can count on me Brother till the day I am dead.
Just cause a River is torn into two,
Doesn't mean the Stream alone won't make through.
And in the end the two Streams in the Ocean will meet,
If the droplets of water can survive all the heat.
And I've always known that you would Fight on
And cut through all crap, and face each new dawn,
With your Sword held up high, ready to Fight,
Knowing someday, again we'll unite,
To stand like Soldiers, once more, side by side,
Fate can rip us apart, but it can't take our Pride.
Cause if you take two parts of a broken stone
When you put them together, they can heal like bone.
I could never forget you, cause our memories are pain
And days out in sunshine feel like standing in rain
And laughter is something that I can never enjoy
Forever scarred by Fate's foul ploy.
And the Glory I've held has crumbled to dust
And wherever I look, there's no one to trust
And alone I stand, and shed all my tears
Tired of pain that come with the years.
Tired of fighting, of memories lost
Why is sacrifice always the living cost?
Why do we part to find better lives?
Why do my memories cut me like knives?
Why do I hate all who stand in my way?
It must be the price that I've paid everyday.
It must be the friends that I left behind,
Their faces still burning fresh in my mind.
It must be my brothers, blood brothers like you,
Forever together and always true.
Your name's like a scar that won't go away,
Your memory's the fuel that I burn in each fray.
And all this boils and Anger leaks through my skin,
And I channel my Hatred to give me strength to win.
And the Stream rips through soil and it covers the land,
And it grows in its size though still far from the end.
But the water's still clear, and tastes oh so sweet
And no matter what, it won't know defeat.
Cause the soldier knows that though his brother is far,
If he looks to the sky, he'll see the Dark Star.
So I Hail you my brother as I shout to the sky:
Brothers we're born and brothers we die.