Poetry by Kelly Vinson


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Love, star child, beautiful in every way
Mommy, Daddy, PopPop and Ma…the whole world cant help it
Love your joy, pinch your cheeks, hug you
Daddy's gone, Mamma is too, looking for the next Daddy
Mom is gone, gave up after too many Daddys, you have too
You got a friend, feels like a hand from above keeping you from falling from the edge you skate
The edge…the edge is good to you and your friend, and your lover
Life is about the edge, so you live there for years, it becomes all you know, it becomes the first you that you ever knew
The edge takes you to the height of Ecstasy and pain, but it is you
Now you find a new road by design, and take it
You walk it calmly, all the while pretending the other road was never yours
You leave the edge but the edge never leaves you
When the word comes that your lover from the edge is gone, gone because you were not there, pretending to be who you are
Who are you exactly? your life is a disjointed series of yous who have killed you at the time, and comforted you in retrospect…and killed you again
And kill you now as you desperately wish you had stayed on the edge with your lover
Who are you?
Someone has to be the edge