Poetry by Lanaia Lee

And They Ride

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Hear the hooves of the horsemen on their horrific ride
Death, famine, plague, destruction, they are so close! Can't you hear them ride?
Famine, just look around, so many have to take starvation as a bride
And we just look on, as the horse's hooves sound like they are right by our side.

Plague, mankind has known for centuries, but today the horses ride even closer
In this day of possible biological warfare, listen, quiet, hear them, so close as they ride
Aids, bubonic plague, hemorrhagic fever, just to name a few, from these things we all wish to deter
From these things, there is no where to run, no where to hide.

The most feared of all death, a black rider on a white horse, but hear him, he just's gets closer
And we do nothing, as he only nears
We are so sure of ourselves, we do nothing it seems to stop these things that occur
Listen and you will hear the rider, that fills us all with immense fear.

Destruction, such a vast field, but this horseman is riding freely, no obstacles in his way
Through the field of earthquake, global warning, hurricanes, and such, this horseman seems to have a free hand
And the horses continue their horrific ride, from their duty, they will never sway
Listen! SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH! Hear their hooves throughout every land.

Armageddon, foretold by every civilization, but it seems in our time, the horseman, they are more free
More free to move about with nothing to stop them, nothing in their way
All we do is watch, then it will be too late as we want to get away, run away, to flee
And they ride, the sound getting louder and louder, with them no on wants to come out and play.

The undistinguishable sound, no matter how hard we try, we will never get away
Were we responsible for inviting the horsemen, make their debut?
They are here, they get closer, each and every day
There is no where to go because the riders always have us within their view.

About the Author

Lanaia Lee

Lanaia Lee is a published poet, novelist and stroke survivor. Lee says, "The things I have experienced and seen most people wouldn't believe, but I'm here to tell you they are true." Confined to a wheelchair, she considers her faith and God as the source of her talent for writing.