Poetry by Philip Mimino

A Light Blinks

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A light blinks, a heart trembles, a mind wonders.
Time Slows.
An eternity in a blink of an eye
a ripple in the sands of life
a life intertwined,
Bending, stretched,
Being pulled, all directions at once, bound to other strings,
Consequences, cause and effect,
The rights of many,
The breath of a nation all held at once,
Millions of souls
Not Understanding,


The cost of a few for the sake of many?
What is that few worth?
Who will that few be?
How are they chosen?
Were they always meant to be?
Direction, Decision, Belief.
Forgotten?            Remembered.



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A person, I feel, I hurt, I bleed.
I eat, I sleep.
I care, I want to help.
I don't want to die.
I want to be something.
I think I understand.
My perspective is right.
I have no experience.
I have no expectations.
I just am.


Standing in the dark surrounded by lights

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Sometimes I see that sadness grips your heart
Sometimes I see that darkness clouds your eyes
Sometimes I see your choices are not your own
Sometimes I see your choices are not clear

But in the dark you may think you stand
And helpless you may think you are

When you feel the world has turned its back on you
Turn around and you may see
That it just might be
The world has been calling you
Which is easy for me to see;
That it just might be
You turned your back on the world.
However hard it may be to see

Understand that when you finally are
Who you want and expect to be,
That the world wants you to be too
And that person you will someday be

is you.


The Sun Flower

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Holding the bright intensity of the Sun
Radiant and Beautiful
You stand proud and tall
Immune to the darkness around you.

As there is a beginning there is an end
you weep pollen as your eye see the truth
Shoulders slumped, spine crippled
Your beauty and power turning to sadness and defeat.