Poems by J. W. Farmer

Sonnets to Sara

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If the sun never shines and we never grow old,
my love for you will never change,
and if in the dead of winter it grows to cold,
certainly my heart will be stricken with grange,

if time never ceases to exists,
and the clouds continue spell out our names,
if people decide to devour and dismiss,
and with their power they choose and maim,

nothing will change for you my love,
whether darkness is brightness whether God tries to destroy,
and I am sure that God has blessed us from far above,
and the disturbances are just the Devil trying to annoy;

us for we are invincible and each day we grow stronger,
each and every trial we pass will make it last all the more longer.


I compare the curves of your body to the sea,
and the breathe of your beauty mystical and intriguing,
with the movement of your lips as they come upon me,
every word you say could be somehow deceiving,

Only your eyes with which never fairer could be blue,
the innocent twinkle and the gaze I can never meet,
with everything you do for me seeming to somehow come true,
our love is something the Devil can't even cheat,

you skin so soft like fluttering spring flowers,
brushing against my skin so smoothly,
I could hold you in my arms for eternity's hours,
and hear you whisper my name coothely,

with nothing to pass the time but love for one another,
even when the cold rays of winter come to summer and begin to smother.


To kiss you once would be divine,
to taste your lips so soothing to my soul,
and to walk the path between lust and love would be fine,
to stoke my fire and to replenish yours with more coal,

to take you with me to the highest reaches,
where only our lips together can we survive,
in heaven will only grow the finest peaches,
and from your lips I can derive,

the finest wine could never taste any sweeter,
then the nectar that becomes the blood to my heart,
for any guy would give his life for the chance to meet her,
and bring for her the finest gold in a silver cart,

for upon me though you focus your undying love,
and for you I would give up the chance to be with the virgin Dove.


If by chance some mortal could tear us apart,
and maybe God spared me for my past,
then my heart from your soul would never depart,
and from my heart my love could be cast,

maybe something could take you away,
a chance of fate, a freak incident, reality could conquer,
I know though somehow you would find your way,
to destroy your foes and relinquish but to re-conquer,

love knows no boundaries and knows no other way,
but to meet somewhere in the middle by some act of fate,
if love is gone if love comes to stay,
then my Love I will not be late,

my heart my soul goes out to you,
and in return I request only nothing but for you to stay true.


Is it that time to rededicate our love,
to make everything perfect again,
to mask our pride our jealousy under a great white glove,
to cleanse our hearts that have become shodden with sin,

passion devours me every time we see,
each other in this way that the ancients devised,
only this moment could have ever existed to me,
the mystery uncovered not shrouded with any lies,

simplicity has never came in any higher a form,
then in the uninhibited love that you have shown to me,
and nothing remains of the winter storm,
we exist only to each other to each other it should be,

and those three words that you whisper as you clutch to me,
my heart, my soul, my very being are the silvers and golds that I give to