Poetry by John Taal

The Ocean

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Sand, sea, surf, clouds and sun

Miles and miles wild waves do run
Unfettered, surging, roaring, foaming
Lost in thought, entranced I'm roaming

Stripping off life's deadened senses
Vigorously rinsing, wholly cleanses
All that time that we must spend
Our lives to live and to what end

How we toil to maintain a presence
Daily repetition but what essence
Is life's purpose - shall we find
The reason wherefore search our mind

Vain bit player in stark contrast
Pondering how that we may last
How many years of life we suffer
Lost in small things just to cover

The waves they come to shore forever
Man comes and goes unnoticed, never
Aware that waves will always be
Forevermore for us to see

I wander onwards seeking ways
For answers counting not our days
Our presence on this earth but be
A drop of water in the sea


Agony and Agony

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The Dawn! It must be near
As ever more the pain
Does now more often reappear

My mind is ragged, it is not right
The pain so much it does regain
Longer and darker seems every night

I will get through! Get through I will
This final stage until I find
The where withal to foot the bill

My agony goes on! Gets steadily worse
Each week it more my whole does bind
My mind! My body! This is a curse!

I long so much escape from this
The pain it slowly strangles me
My healths regain! Will be such bliss

To laugh, to joke, to walk to share
Please from this cage do set me free
To woe her freely then I'd dare

There's much to loose! So much to gain
In life, in love, in health, and wealth
I battle therefore with the pain

My soul cries out! Enough! No more!
No more need I endure pain's creeping stealth
Divine Creator! Relief from this I do implore!



The Trilogy

Agony and Ecstasy
Agony and Infamy
Agony and Agony